Sunday, April 3, 2011


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Just A Short Intro About Me......

      Hello there, my name is Lu En.Welcome to blog. I am a boy( obvious!!).....Yawn (-_-) Isn't this boring, well , I will start introducing myself through my nickname. Back in my primary school, friends use to call me Lulu (Lu En). I did not mind at first, but slowly,  I think it is very silly (of course). Now, in secondary school, the nickname do not follow anymore. I rather miss my friends back in primary school now......( I do not even mind them calling my nickname any more!)
      I am a loyal friend and this is my personality as you can see from the example above, however, if I can be quite bossy at some times. Whenever doing group project, I am usually the leader. I personally believe that planning things out before hand is always the best hence I do not always trust others to do a good job.
      Well, I am on the whole a cheerful person hence my motto is" The best vitamin to be a happy person is B1!"

My IT Experience

      My IT experience......  To be exact, i have NO experience in IT! In my primary school, I am the weakest in the class for infocomm technology. Others love going to the computer lab, I was the only one detest going there as I knew I would be the only one again asking the teacher for help continuously. Hence I did not even enjoy IT in my primary school.

My Expectations in Hwa Chong

      I personally do not expect much when I first enter Hwa Chong. To me, it is already a great blessing being able to enter such a 'Branded' school. Hence I do not expect to get the first in everything I get like how I expected myself in my primary school. I only expect myself to work even harder to attain better results than the previous time and to improve my MSG.

A Photo of Me

Me with two cartoon character in Hong Kong