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Collecting Stamps!!
      I personally love to collect stamps. It gives me a pleasure when being able to exchange and make friends through stamps. Just a small pieces of paper, what good will it do? this question might be whirling in your head now. Well, this is the reason why I grown to like stamps over the years. At first, I did not take this hobby seriously, not until  i met a friend who too loves collecting stamps. He taught me ways to classify and arrange the stamp collection I had. If not for him, my stamp collection might be still in my storeroom collecting dust. Now, my stamp collection is classified neatly in my stamp book.Currently, I have 79 Singapore stamps, 15 stamps from Hong Kong, 7 stamps in Canada, 11 stamps from China, 7 stamps from Malaysia, 13 stamps from Japan, 20 stamps from Taiwan, 10 stamps from New Zealand and  many more......
      Now even my younger brother who is only in primary 3 start collecting stamps.( He must have got influenced by me! ) Whenever my father comes home with letters, we would always run up to him to see whether is there any stamps. We would walk off with disappointment when there is no stamps for us.
       I personally believe that collecting stamps can not only train one to be patient,  we can also learn history from collecting stamps! We can try find out when is the stamp printed and also where it originated from.This is what i see of stamp collecting, what about you?

Just a short video clip on how to collect stamps......

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